Friday, 12 November 2010

Those not so golden moments . . .

Like many Corrie fans, I'm preparing to wallow in nostalgia as the golden jubilee month approaches. It's going to be a great time to indulge our love of all things Weatherfield and recall some of the memorable moments from the past fifty years. However, this got me thinking. What about the storylines that I really didn't like? The ones that had me gnashing my teeth or stifling a yawn as soon as they went on air. As they say, one man's meat is another man's poison so this little list represents the five storylines that drove me to distraction . . .

1 - The return of Linda Cheveski
1984 was a big year for the Street. Many well-loved faces disappeared from the cobbles including the legendary Elsie Tanner. Parachuted into her place was her long-forgotten daughter Linda who had last appeared way back in 1968. Sixteen years later she returned as an embittered middle-aged woman, hoping to keep her mother's house and snare Bill Webster into the bargain. For me, it all felt wrong especially as actress Ann Cunningham played the part with little conviction and later said that going back had been a "nightmare". Thankfully, Linda was soon gone for good!

2 - The Cult of Nirab
Perhaps one of the most nonsensical stoylines ever to surface on the Street. During 1997 we were dragged kikcking and screaming through a plot featuring Ashley Peacock and the grim Zoe Tattersall. Her life on the Street was fairly bleak at the best of times. She drank, she partyed, she gave her baby away, she stole it back and then went off the rails. Fresh out of a psychiatric unit, she embarked upon a new life with a pseudo religious cult named after one Nirab (or Corrie producer Brian Park, the butt of all the jokes). After various attempts by Ashley to 'save' her, Zoe and her dreary plotine, disappeared to the USA. Sadly for Ashley, years of relationships with slightly unhinged women would follow.

3 - Alison Wakefield snares our Kev
Fresh out of a loveless marriage, Kevin returned to life as a single man. Well, for a while. Another woman with 'dreary' for a middle name, Alison fell for Kev and eventually married him. Alison was never a dynamic character and, to me, seemed totally wrong for not only Kev but the entire series. She didn't last too long and was evenutally squashed under a lorry leaving Kev free to ravish a brace of Mollys and of course, the lovely Sally.

4 - Brendan Scott buys the Corner Shop
Having hung around the sidelines for a couple of years, the starchy Brendan bought the Corner Shop from Alf Roberts in 1993. Scott was a charm-free zone and heaven knows how he was supposed to fit into Alfie's comfy shoes. He revamped the shop and employed Emily Bishop as his servant, sorry, assistant, although she was made to dress like Ruby from "Upstairs Downstairs" circa 1912. Brendan Scott was a workaholic and eventually worked himself into an early grave, dying in the shop in front of poor old Emily. Luckily for viewers, Alf was soon back behind the counter.

5 - Michelle Connor and her boys
Was Michelle really deserving of this story? Suddenly she discovered that her son wasn't really her son and that there had been a 'mix-up' at th'ospickle. Enter the new son who proved to be even more annoying than the original. Then let's forget about the new one and never mention him again. An odd, unsatisfactory storyline and one best consigned to history!

These then are some of the storylines that didn't really play out for me. Did any have you reaching for the 'OFF' button?


  1. I agree with all your dud storylines, and would like to add the gem of Gwen Loveday's appearances on the cobbles. Her character was irritating enough to make your teeth itch, and why someone thought it would be a good idea to pair her up with Jim McDonald is beyond me. The whole debacle ended with Jim burning all the stuff she had bought for No. 11, and I had all my bits crossed hoping against hope that he would throw her on top of the bonfire. At least then we might have had a small token towards compensation for the weeks we had suffered. But alas, she just got to walk away. I so wanted her dead!!

  2. Christine, I had totally forgotten about Gwen (which speaks volumes!) Didn't she work at the factory for a while? Going even further back, as a kid I really had a problem with Martin Cheveski and his grating Brummie accent. Maybe I didn't like the Cheveskis full stop . . .