Sunday, 21 November 2010

Good golly Miss Molly!

"Me? Confused? Never . . ."
I may be alone in thinking that the manner in which Molly Dobbs has been dealt with over the years can best be described as clumsy! Her character seems to have veered every which way. Back in 2005 she was a bit of a snide madam, intent on revenge against Fiz-bomb. Before long she was a dutiful daughter, reliable girlfriend and an asset to the business. Not that she remained in this frame of mind. She shed this persona like a snake sheds a skin and hey presto, welcome Molly the conniving trollop and all-round liar. No - sorry, I got that wrong. Another change, this time emerging as a loving wife and mother, home-maker and carer of poor old Jack Duckworth. Then on Friday - back to her 'confused tart' script.

I always thought, and indeed expected, Molly to become one of the cornerstone characters of the Street. Like many others, I feel that she was badly served by the Molvin story which now creaks up a gear. Whatever lies ahead for the character, it seems a shame that Molly, once a breath of fresh air, has become something of a backstreet bore.

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  1. I agree. Molly could have been a really good character. I really liked it when her dad Diggory was in it and had the baker's.