Sunday, 24 July 2011

Something for the weekend . . .

Well, it's been a bit of a terrible one hasn't it? The shocking atrocities in Norway and the untimely but, sad to say, often-predicted death of Amy Winehouse have given much cause for reflection. Therefore I was happy of a bit of a distraction tonight and it came in the unexpected shape of Paul O'Grady. His Sunday afternoon Radio 2 show is a little gem and I recommend it for anyone feeling those Sunday evening blues. There are usually a cuple of featured artists and a generous helping of Northern Soul. The e-mails and letters from listeners are usually barking mad but for a couple of hours, indulge yourself.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Theatre darlings!

OK so I took myself off to Theatreland last night and in particular, deepest, darkest Soho. The Soho Theatre always feels as though it forces the audience to suffer for art. The theatre areas are sometimes small and filled with the kind of chairs that usually get strewn around village halls. However, the productions are usually worth the hardship. "Hundreds and Thousands" was a a darkly comedic piece with a cast of four including Nadine Lewington. Fans of medicated soap may remember her as irritating doctor Maddie in "Holby City". Her performance last night was excellent. Mention should also be made of Stuart Laing (ex-"EastEnders") for his chilling portayal of Alan. Also of note were the bizarre elderly Italian couple who appeared to have wnadered into the wrong play, quite possibly in the wrong city.