Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Goodbye Jack!

Well, I'm not sure that I can say anything about Monday's episodes that hasn't already been said! I feared a mawkish demise for old Jack, especially given the news that Vera was to re-appear. What unfolded though was a memorable piece of drama and yes, it worked well. It was lump-in-the-throat stuff as Vera came to collect Jack and dance a final dance before Jack's spirit left number nine forever. The death was handled in a warm, nostalgic and thoughtful manner. It was an ideal exit for a long-standing character and I found myself comparing it with the horrendous way in which Pauline Fowler was dispatched in "EastEnders" a few years ago.

Mind you, some residents of "Coronation Street" do deserve to be squashed by a runaway tram . . .

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