Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Leg it Liz!

She won't be missed . . .
Sorry folks! I apologise before I write another word but this particular blogger is looking forward to the disappearance of Liz MacDonald. For over twenty years we've had to put up with this shrieking Harvester barmaid, her bizarre 'northern' accent and her dodgy moralising. Mother, one-time landlady and full-time slapper, she's staggered across the cobbles in a variety of ill-fitting skirts for far too long.

Having said all that, Corrie does seem to be dispatching the old trout with more of a whimper than a bang. Poor Liz is currently embroiled in a ridiculous plot which will see former hubby Jim incarcerated in the Big House for the rest of his natural.

Too harsh to be a Bet Lynch 'tart-with-a-heart', too mouthy to make many other female friends (only Deirdre & Eileen since 1989) and with a string of useless romances behind her, Liz has finally come to the end of her useful life. Enjoy your retirement, hang up your cheap frocks and sun yourself on a Spanish beach. And please stay there.