Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Work for all in Weatherfield!

"Come one, come all!"
I'm starting to believe that Weatherfield is some kind of employment hotspot. There aren't that many people out of work and this week we've seen the hapless Eileen join Carla Connor's band of desperados. Is anyone totally sure what Eileen's role is yet? She seems to wander around with a bit of cloth, offering sardonic asides. Still, they could hardly keep her cooped up in the taxi office forever. Plus it her defection to Underworld means that Cheryl can make the huge jump from lap dancer to phone operator. Give her a year and she'll be sewing knickers rather than taking them off . . .

1 comment:

  1. I like Eileen in the faktree.

    LOL, your post title puts me in mind of those old Gracie Fields films. Idea for next Children in Need special: Corrie stars recreate Sing as We Go! "Come on lads and lasses, the factory's open again..."

    But yes, the misery of unemployment is skilfully avoided in Corrie.