Saturday, 26 February 2011

Cheer up Corrie!

I don't know about you but I've found the last couple of weeks a drag on Corrie. The whole Peter/Liane/Nick thing burned itself out despite the fine acting of Chris Gascoyne. This week it's been all Horrible Owen, Becky on one of her increasingly bizarre mood swings, Dev looking teary for a few moments before BELLOWING at inopportune moments, Tyrone wallowing (literally) in a filty pit of misery . . . aghh!

"So what do you think of my supportive brassiere Ty?"
On the plus side I've enjoyed Julie and her barmy bra capers, a selection of Steve's comedy faces and Eddie gasping fag smoke into his cake mix. Also we haven't had to put up with Fiz the Mis for a while. Fingers crossed it stays that way!


  1. Agreed! Judging by t'other blog, this seems to be the common consensus.

  2. I suppose Corrie can't be wonderful all of the time but I guess the recent storylines have been a bit dreary - and I'm not keen on the Marc transvestite plot. My comments on that seem to have got me into trouble on another blog. Whoops!