Thursday, 13 January 2011

Food glorious food!

The joy of a Weatherfield fish supper
Let's face it - Corrie is not exactly known for its cuisine. Down the years we have been presented with some, frankly, horrific meals. The Ogdens were forever emptying portions of flabby fish and chips on to dinner plates. Early 1980s Gail was often 'treating' Our Brian to some hideous leftover from the café. The Rovers always sported that cabinet full of insipid pies and you could always pop over to the corner shop were someone would be blowing fag smoke over the freshly prepared ham barms.

Deirdre dusts off her recipe for faggots in rum sauce
Jackson's chippy, Prima Doner, Wong's chippy, Liane's cheerless Italian restaurant - they have all provided comfort and, probably, botulism for the fair folk of Weatherfield. You can understand why eating out is so popular given Deirdre's recipe for success this week. No, I'm not speaking of her legendary smoked ham. In fairness it's not smoked when she takes it out of the packet but after Deirdre's exhaled on it . . . No, I speak of her offer of providing Ciaran with his tea on Monday - chicken pie with peas and ready salted crisps. I kid you not! Deirdre - a woman so idle that she can't even be bothered to peel a potato. We salute you Deirdre Barlow, domestic goddess of Weatherfield!


  1. No surprise really. Blanche complained bitterly about Deirdre's non-prowess in the kitchen all the time, esp. her Christmas turkey! Always waited for that every year!

  2. Great post, I'm following this blog now...

  3. I suppose I should have mentioned 1990s Sally and her weird obsession with Alphabetti Spaghetti. As for Eileen, has she ever even rustled up a sandwich?

    Welcome mister tmg!