Friday, 24 December 2010

A very Corrie Christmas! The Noughties

We arrive in the twenty first century, one which began in Weatherfield with the clatter of Raquel Watts returning to the cobbles for one night only. It was a sensational decade for the Street in more ways than one but you coulod always count on Christmas to bring the residents together. Couldn't you?

Eileen? Miserable? Never!
It's Christmas 2000 and Jason Grimshaw makes his debut and is introduced to Eileen's latest squeeze, Dennis. Ken and Deirdre serve up a tense festive meal made worse by Peter's comments and Liz storming out. Kevin admits to feeling guilty about Alison's death, Andrea Clayton visits Jack and Vera and over at the café, Roy and Hayley play host to young Wayne.

"Do you think I'm sexy?" No
2001 gave us, arguably, one of the most repulsive festive spectacles (therein lies a clue) ever witnessed. Other things were afoot though. Roy and Hayley attempt to run a free food service for the homeless but no one turns up at the café. However all is not lost as, due to a gas problem, Fred, Eve, Sally, Ashley and Maxine all end up there for lunch. A drunken Peter lashes out at Deirdre. She storms out of number one and into the arms of Dev Alahan. A nation shuddered.

By 2002, Emily is front and centre of Christmas celebrations. She hosts Norris, Rita, Audrey and Archie. A later visit from Richard Hillman almost cost Emily her life. Elsewhere, Blanche deserts the Barlows and turns up at Emily's for lunch. Unhappy with the throng there, she returns home where, joy oh joy, Tracy shows up.

Poor old Norris wrecks dinner for Emily and Rita by forgetting to switch the oven on. Even worse, Betty travels to 'my Gordon' only to find him gone! She spends Christmas at the Rovers. Blanche, in generous mood, buys number 7 for mum-to-be Tracy. Father-to-be Steve threatens to kill Tracy if she ever mentions that he is the dad. Oh and Tyrone has a drunken snog with Fiz.

A rose between two thorns?
It all kicked off with Tracy, Steve and Karen at Christmas 2004. After trying to mow Karen down in a car, Tracy faces her nemesis on the factory roof. There can be only one winner and Steve eventually sends Karen packing. Ashley marries Claire, with Joshua wearing his Spiderman outfit. Kirk confuses his gifts and presents Cilla with a bone and Schmeichel with a pair of tights.

2005 was the year when Cilla and Yana attempted to deep fry a turkey. Result? One burnt-out chip shop! Mike's health gives cause for concern, especially when he fails to remember that his brother is dead. Vera buys Jack a burial plot for Christmas and Claire's present to Ashley is her announcement that she is pregnant.

There's another memorable Christmas at Gail's home in 2006. Audrery is not only tucking into turkey but also Bill Webster. However, his wife Maureen arrives and manages to destroy a table and a plum pudding within minutes. Over at the Grimshaw's, a young girl dumps a baby on Eileen claiming that it is Jason's. Molly trains Jack and Tyrone to tidy up, much to Vera's surprise. At the Rovers, Steve provides dinner for Ken, Deirdre and Blanche!

Festive punch ups for all at Christmas 2007. Kevin floors John Stape for having a relationship with the ditzy Rosie. Roy faces the festive season without Hayley and makes do with Becky instead. Sarah thinks that moving to Italy could be a new start for her, Jason and Bethany but David seethes at the injustice of it all. Over tat the Rovers Michelle pretends to be having a good time for the sake of Ryan.

Santa Claus isn't coming to town . . .
There's a new Mr Nasty in town by 2008. Tony Gordon thinks he has killed Jed Stone but the old man has survived. Gail and Joe's Christmas is invaded by the Windasses who cause mayhem. Joe eventually leaves his own party. Becky and Steve continue their secret relationship amidst the Santa's grotto that is Street Cars.

A whirl of emotions hit the Street as the decade ended. Kevin decided to make a go of things with Molly but on Christmas Day, Sally announces that she has breast cancer. This seems to act as a wake up call to Kevin but Molly is not happy. There is tension at the Barlows too thanks to the Battle of the Grandads as Ken and George square up to each other. Nick Tilsley returns, looking at least ten years older than Gail but his arrival is less than popular with Tina. At the Rovers, Steve decides that Amy needs a new brother or sister. Becky isn't so sure.

We arrive then at Christmas 2010 and a Street peopled by the bereaved and confused. Claire is a widow, Molly is dead and Kevin has become a figure of hatred. Add to this the return of the whirl of destruction that is Tracy Barlow and you have all the ingredients for another classic Corrie Christmas!

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