Friday, 10 December 2010

Summing up the week

Ta chuck! It's been a great week . . .
Excuse the pun - but this week has been a blast! I can't remember any TV programme having ever drained my emotions in such an exhaustive manner. I can only echo the sentiments of so many people in the many reports that have praised the production values and superb acting that we have been treated to. Is it fair to be critical of any aspects of the storyline though? Personally - and this really is only my opinion - I though that some of the dialogue was a little clunky in Monday's first episode, the knowing comments and the declarations of love. However, it did help to set the scene. Like pretty much the rest of the nation, I gasped as the tram hurtled over the viaduct but couldn't resist a smile as it glided down as though on a magic carpet. I also admit to a quiet giggle as Rita disappeared under a shower of soft centres.

The live episode was unbelievably good. I was worried that it might turn out to be as laugh-out-loud as the "EastEnders" effort back in February. Last night taught me to have more faith. Fulsome praise has to go to Sally Dynevor, Vicky Binns, Jane Danson and Chris Gascoyne for outstanding performances. I hope they had a few drinks post broadcast! Vicky Binns in particular must be delighted at having signed off with such a powerful storyline. I still hold the view that Molly was a character who could have gone far and who was ruined by the horrendous Molvin storyline. I think nerves may have got the better of one actor last night (no names) but the performance was greeted with some laughter in my household. As the grin faded from my face though I thought, "Could I have performed live in front of 14 million people?" Answer? No.

For me, Corrie has, this week, cemented its tradition for fine, character-led stories. Let's face it, there were so many personal stories to choose from  Part of me would be happy to sacrifice a couple of episodes a week if we were to get such richly produced scenes in future. However, the commercial needs of ITV are first and foremost.

I think we are in for an interesting time in 2011. Corrie will have new characters and no doubt lots of new situations for the surviving characters. Bring it on!

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