Sunday, 7 August 2011

More theatre darlings!

"We must have got our Wires crossed . . ."
To the tiny Duchess Theatre near Drury Lane to see Simon Gray's wonderfully dark comedy "Butley". I previously saw this on Broadway back in 2006 where Nathan Lane took the lead role. The West End revival has "The Wire" star Dominic West as the decaying, whisky-soaked university don. For every dark moment there is something to chuckle at, whether it be Butley's exaggerated Yorkshire accident or his camp outrageous humiliation of colleague Joseph. Paul 'Doctor Who' McGann gives a brooding performance as Joseph's lover.

I was surprised that the play is showing at such a tiny theatre as the Duchess. Maybe a transfer is in the offing. A great night out though, plus a lovely if expensive meal in Covent Garden.

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