Saturday, 14 May 2011

Dennis returns!

"Remember me? No? OK . . ."
OK, so he's only featured in a couple of episodes to date but I'm liking Dennis Tanner already. Phillip Lowrie seems to have stepped comfortably into the shoes he vacated an incredible forty three years ago. Plus Dennis brought us up ton date with the Elsie Tanner story, a wonderful gesture by the storyliners which helps to clear up the non-ending to her character.

Time will tell how Dennis interacts with the Corrie characters of 2011. He's already renewed his friendship with Rita but how will Ken reacft to his return? Dennis has also locked horns with Sylvia Goodwin which could be interesting and seems to have a genuine connection with Sophie Webster.

Of course, I want to know whether or not Dennis had any family himself. I'm betting that he has. He left with wife Jenny in 1968 and certainly seems to have been with her up to around 1973.

Welcom back our kid!

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