Monday, 27 September 2010

Ciaran is the new Ida Clough . . .

Not literally of course! That would just be silly. No, on tonight's first episode I was struck by the general blandness of Ciaran as he bade farewell to that other piece of boredom in rowdy bloom, Michelle. In the same way that dour old Ida Clough was used to pad out a scene back in the 1980s, we now have the likes of Ciaran and Michelle. I don't particularly care if they are there or not. On they come, inconsequential and they waft back out again. Of course, not everyone can be at the centre of the action all of the time and Ciaran follows in the footsteps of fine scene fillers such as Tricia Hopkins, Phyllis Pearce, Samantha Failsworth . . . and Ida Clough. We salute you!

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